The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

    Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona - Gowithoh

    For the meat eaters it must be hard to conceive being in Barcelona and keep your vegetarian or vegan vows… The seafood tapas, the paellas and other traditional dishes make it quite difficult. However, vegetarians and vegans also have quite a lot of options in the city of Barcelona. Yes, it’s true that Spain is not famous for being especially vegetarian friendly and it is quite behind in options, but Barcelona is a little bit ahead on the curve. In this beautiful Mediterranean city those who have decided to eat only products from the earth will have enough options to enjoy their trip as a culinary experience as well. We have prepared a list of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona – take good note of them!


    Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Veggie Garden

    We had to start our list with a Barcelona classic, the Veggie Garden – a beautiful and colourful chain of restaurants, but probably the most popular of all, since there is unanimity in the city about the value of this place. They have an interesting menu deal from Monday to Friday that includes an entree, a full main dish, a drink and desert, and you can choose between four to five possibilities in each course. Amazing, isn’t it? The food is great and the place is colourful and beautiful, so it’s not surprising that it is a local favourite. There are two locations in the city centre, one near the MACBA, in carrer dels Àngels, 3, and the other one next to Plaza Universitat, in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 602.

    Veggie Garden: Vegan restaurants in Barcelona - Gowithoh


    Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona : Biocenter

    Here’s one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona – it opened almost 30 years ago, in 1980, when it was quite a rare option in the city. They take pride in it being a family business, in the quality of their products and their homemade dishes. They have a delicious breakfast menu and a ton of menu options for lunch, including a full menu deal or part of it, a single main dish, a salad buffet… And their food is truly delicious. We can guarantee you that you will have lots of troubles to choose… But you will be left satisfied for sure. About half of their options are vegan, and most can turn easily vegan. You won’t regret it! It’s located in El Raval, in carrer Pintor Fortuny, 25.

    Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Teresa Carles

    Another of the traditional ones, since it opened in 1979, Teresa Carles offers delicious food and a more delicate and classier option for those who do want to have a bit of a fancier dinner during their trip to Barcelona. They offer a gourmet sampling menu thanks to which you will be able to try several of their dishes. They have veggie tapas that will make you forget about the meaty and fishy one, and you can custom your salad to taste. Definitely one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona! It’s located in carrer Jovellanos, 2, also in El Raval, and they have another location in the city of Lleida.

    Teresa Carles: Vegetarian restaurants in Berlin - Gowithoh


    Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: Juicy Jones

    In the neighbourhood of El Raval you will find Juicy Jones, a bright café where you can order what gives it its name, a delicious and fruity juice… and much more than that! Its prices are quite fair compared to the quality, and they have options enough for all tastes even though they don’t have the most unique vegan menu in time. We especially recommend their breakfast or brunch deal. It’s located in carrer Hospital, 74, and you will recognize it for its green groovy sign and its colourful interior.

    Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona - Gowithoh

    Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: La Hamaca

    And we finally managed to leave El Raval for the last vegetarian restaurant of our list, La Hamaca, which is located in the charming neighbourhood of El Born. They have ties with several agricultural cooperatives, which means that they always have fresh, seasonal and delicious products that they use for one of their specialties, the natural juices. In fact, you can order your eco basket online. It would be a crime to go to La Hamaca and not order one of their juices, but they also have salads, sandwiches and breakfast deals. You will find it in Plaça Sant Agustí Vell, 15, near the Parc de la Ciutadella.

    So which one of these delicious vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona are you going to try first? Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favourite in the comments!